The alternative to hearing aid. 6 good reasons to choose Qualison.


Multichannel digital technology

The Channels and the bands permit a smart cutting of the signal into several frequency ranges. The Algorithms amplify and treat these frequency ranges separately. Thus with more and smaller ranges, the amplification and treatments are clear and precise. Qualison is equipped with a digital amplification system of 4 channels and 12 bands in order to accurately adjust the device in all frequencies. These assets give it a great working capacity and the necessary force to calmly support you in all circumstances.

Adaptive noise reduction

The noise reduction system embedded on your Qualison reduces the ambiant noise that prevents you from hearing voices clearly. The system analyzes the signal and decreases the amplification level of the noise while increasing the amplification of the voices. The words then become clearer and less distant. This system also reduces the ambient noise in situations where you are not engaged in a dialogue. This system is a real advantage and will bring you an outstanding listening comfort.

Adaptive and advanced feedback cancellation

Feedback noise is the whistling produced when a microphone is too close to a loudspeaker. This whistling has for long rendered hearing devices unpleasant to wear because the components are very close to each other. In order to prevent the feedback noise, Qualison is equipped with one of the most recent technologies of feedback cancellation.

Feedback occurs when sounds emitted by the speaker are reamplified through the microphones. Sounds are continuously amplified and translated into a whistle. With Qualison, sound is analyzed and sounds are no longer amplified. The cancellation system of the feedback noise which you have is effective regardless of the complexity of the processed sound.

Omnidirectional and Directional Microphones

Qualison is equipped with two microphones. Thus, you can adapt your Qualison depending on your environment. The omnidirectional microphone permits you to capture the sounds coming from all directions like on a classic hearing device. Thus, it is suitable for quiet environments. We chose to add a directional microphone that will permit you when needed to concentrate on the sound of a person you are interacting with. It will bring additional comfort in noisy environments.

Low battery warning

Your Qualison will detect a low battery and notify you with a beep. So you do not need to test your batteries, Qualison does it for you!

Design and ergonomics

We chose to offer you a hearing aid that looks like you.

The buttons of your Qualison, directly adjusted in its hull, make its setting as practical and easy as a child’s play! Presetted, Qualison is a ready-made solution.

To access the measurements of Qualison click here!

Magnetic loop, Qualison’s exclusivity!

Because Qualison brings you the best, we equipped it with a magnetic loop.

Telecoil is a magnetic loop that will improve your listening comfort in public places as well as with your phone. Moreover, many mobile phone manufacturers have taken the initiative to integrate it to their devices.

How does the Telecoil and magnetic loops work?

Telecoil allows, while in the range of a transmitting loop, the transmission of the sound by a magnetic field. We propose you to discover how Telecoil works in 3 points through the image below :

1 The movie’s soundtrack is spread by sound waves. At the same time the sound is processed by a special amplifier and converted into electric signal.

2 This signal goes through a magnetic loop that surrounds the room. The magnetic field emitted in the room corresponds to the original signal tone.

3 The magnetic field is picked up by the Telecoil of your Qualison which returns it to your ear in the form of sound wave.

4 This sign indicates that the room is equipped with a magnetic loop device.

With this feature your Qualison microphones are disabled. Indeed, the sound is not received by sound waves transmitted into the air but by a magnetic field. The Telecoil function of Qualison takes over to turn this magnetic signal and send it back to you in wave sound directly to the ear.

The benefits are multiple. The sound is devoid of parasitic ambient noise, acoustic resonances and distortion due to poor sound. The audio quality is flawless.

In public places, areas equipped with magnetic loops are indicated by this symbol.

A magnetic loop in your mobile phone ?

Your mobile phone can prove to be equipped with a magnetic loop!

It works the same way: receiving sound not by sound waves transmitted in the air but by a magnetic field. As in the case of public buildings, your Qualison will restore you with a signal tone of optimal clarity.

This system is increasingly common in telephones. Equipped phones have a marking, T3 or T4. That means they are equipped with a magnetic loop and your Qualison personal sound amplifier works perfectly with them.

You will find in the following link a non-exhaustive list of marks and compatible models: Compatible Phones.

Overall, all manufacturers have some compatible phones in catalog. For more information, feel free to contact your telephone operator.

Packages Contents

Qualison is also a simple offer without surprise. Two options are available: the standard offer for one ear or get a promotion with the complete offer for two ears !